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Questionnaire on climate change


  1. What do you think climate change is?
    1. The increasing number of natural disasters.
    2. Pollution of air, water, soil and surroundings.
    3. Changes of the climate because of people’s irresponsible influence.


  1. Where do you get the most information about climate change from?
    1. from television
    2. from the Internet
    3. from my teachers
    4. from scientific magazines
    5. I am not interested in these pieces of information.


  1. Which of the followings are greenhouse gases?
    1. carbon dioxide
    2. oxygen
    3. carbon monoxide
    4. methane
    5. water vapour


  1. What are the effects of global warming?
    1. extreme storms and floods
    2. earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
    3. polar light
    4. The increasing of the temperatures for 1.5 - 4.5ºC in every 100 - 150 years.
    5. Melting of the Polar Iceland and raising of sea level.
    6. Increasing of the evaporation of the sea which causes the increasing of cloudiness.


  1. What is the biggest source of carbon dioxide?
    1. rice cultivation
    2. aerosol deodorants and spray cans
    3. shooting rubbish
    4. transportation


  1. What does the 'Ozone Hole' mean?
  1. A space object, whose gravitation is so strong that even the light cannot escape it.
  2. A mist above the megalopolises at rush hours on hot dry days.
  3. The opening in space through which we are watched by the aliens.
  4. The ozone layer in upper layers of the atmosphere becomes thinner.


  1. Which compound causes the formation of acid rain?
    1. Carbon oxide (CO),
    2. Sulphur dioxide (SO2),
    3. Chloro fluoro hydrocarbon (CFC),
    4. Sodium chloride (NaCl).


  1. Which of the followings are environmental attitudes and behaviour?
    1. I collect waste selectively.
    2. I use plastic bags for shopping.
    3. I have a shower instead of having a bath.
    4. I do not turn off the tap while cleaning my teeth.
    5. I switch off the computer if I do not use it for a longer time.


  1. Which of the following energy sources are alternative or renewable sources of energy?
    1. sun-rays energy,
    2. nuclear fuel,
    3. coal,
    4. wind energy.


  1. Which of man's activities at the production of energy influences the most climate changes?
    1. Production of nuclear energy in nuclear electric plants,
    2. The use of fossil fuels for heating, production of electric energy and the use of these fuels for vehicles,
    3. Production of the electricity with wind and sun power.